Creative & Entrepreneurial Summer Camp

Age range: 11-17

Dates: 29/6-12/7/2024 & 13-26/7/2024

Language: English

Program: Creative & Entrepreneurial Summer Camp

Price: EUR 5400/2week program

SILC is a premier Student Leadership organisation with more than 12 years of experience in the education industry. As a result, the Academy works with students from the world’s most prestigious schools to unlock their potential. Its programmes are specially designed using our SILC curricular framework to combine amazing activities and fun games alongside workshops and evaluations. SILC’s approach has proven to be a powerful tool for developing student learning and leadership skills


  • Double rooms with en suite facilities
  • 2-hectare private garden
  • Swimming pool
  • Dining room
  • Living room


The camp is based at a private, gated domain comprising a beautiful mansion with double rooms, ensuite bathrooms, swimming pool and views over the surrounding mountains and valleys, as well as a 2-hectare private garden, providing an oasis for creative inspiration and leisure activities


Visual and performing arts, media training, storytelling, filmmaking, photography, entrepreneurship and amazing outdoor activities! 

The SILC Creative & Entrepreneurial Summer Camp offers a rich and balanced programme incorporating creative activities, entrepreneurial training, as well as opportunities to explore many splendid areas of the French Riviera. The camp offers you the opportunity to explore and develop your talents in fun and creative ways and is designed for students who want to explore a wide range of experiences, for those eager to delve deeply into a particular creative skillset or for students with an entrepreneurial or artistic spirit. At the same time, this is also the perfect experience for students with no creative, artistic or entrepreneurial experience but seeking to discover their talents and potential


Relaxing outdoor activities like snorkelling, horse riding, waterskiing and a high-ropes course, every day offer a balanced, memorable and truly unique experience.

In addition to the daily creative, entrepreneurial and outdoor activities, SILC also explores the rich cultural heritage and stunning nature of the Riviera, through fun excursions to Gourdon, Nice and Grasse and short expeditions in the area, such as  mountain biking and horseback riding.

In the evenings students enjoy a more relaxing programme with a barbecue or karaoke in the garden, swimming or developing our projects. On other occasions they have a more active programme with fun social activities like golf, laser game or go karting


Located only 20 minutes from Nice International Airport and in the artistic surroundings of Grasse, the campus has direct access to nature and all outdoor activities organised daily off campus

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