Campus: Hastings, East Sussex

Language: English

Age: 10-18

Programs: Junior School, GCSE, A-Level, IB, UFC  

Buckswood is a home. It is a working establishment, it is a school and most importantly it is a place of learning and friendship. Originally founded near Crawley in 1933, the school boasted that ‘the school is run for children whose parents are abroad’ and that ‘languages are a special feature of the curriculum’.

Buckswood’s current home is Broomham Hall, a 16th century manor house, three miles east of Hastings, East Sussex. Over two hundred day-pupils socialize and learn with the same number of international boarders (receiving their education in English) allowing everybody to benefit from the constant cultural exchange that is everyday life at the school.

Consider living and studying with your friends and having everything at hand to make your studies as easy as possible. Two hours’ worth of help every night with homework, a ready-made social life with activities every night; trips to town every weekend; something special to do every Sunday after a long lie-in and brunch; an address book filled with friends from across the world, so you are never stuck without a place to go on holiday… it’s starting to make sense now, isn’t it?



Woodland Activity Centre
3 All Weather Astro Turf and including an Indoor Astro surface
Sports Hall
Rugby and Football Pitches
Cricket Pitch including all weather strip
Indoor and Outdoor Cricket Nets
Indoor and Outdoor Tennis Courts
Indoor and Outdoor Netball Courts
Indoor and Outdoor Basketball Courts
Riding stables and Sand School including jumps
Excellent Cross-Country Course
Golfing Specialists Area
Indoor Swimming Pool
Gym and Fitness Suite (small annual fee)
Grass Volleyball Court



Accommodation in the boarding houses called residences. There are 7 residences and upon arrival you are assigned one of these residences. They are mostly en-suite and range from quad rooms (loved by junior boarders), to triples, doubles and singles which allow the older boarders to concentrate on their studies. Boarders share rooms with students from all over the world (but not their own country) so that English is spoken at all times, assisting rapid language progression.



The Junior School caters for students between 10 and 14 years of age. It is an integral part of this traditional British independent school, and it is where the whole process begins as we prepare our students for entry to the top UK Universities. The timetable embraces a traditional British curriculum with 14 different subjects, Extra English language support is provided for international students. All students are able to use the unique Buckswood ‘Access Time’, a free facility allowing pupils 1-to-1 assistance from their subject tutors.


2 options which enable both UK day and boarding international students to access the GCSE course at Buckswood:

1 YEAR COURSE: This is an intensive programme of GCSE courses and is designed to ready
international students for entry into Sixth Form and meets the requirements of international education systems.

2 YEAR COURSE: The traditional two year GCSE programme begins in Form 4 (year 10), and is made up of 6 core subjects that everyone must take and a further 3 subjects in which they wish to specialize.


Buckswood’s A level, International Baccalaureate, University Foundation Course in Business Management (UFC) and University Foundation Course in Football Studies provide study options that appropriately match a student’s aptitudes and learning style and are a tried and tested stepping stone to university study, both in the UK and overseas.


  • A Levels are the traditional route to British universities. Students select 3 – 4 subjects and study them in depth over two years sitting exams at the end of the course and earning as many UCAS points as possible to gain entry to the best universities.


  • Buckswood is proud to say it has held the rank of 9th in the UK for IB results and, as such, has been recognized as center of excellence for our small cohorts studying under the globally recognized baccalaureate program.  The International Baccalaureate is a challenging, broad-based diploma where students take six subjects over a two-year period. In contrast to the A Level pathway, the IB calls for a wider range of six subjects to be studied at either higher or standard level and must include an additional language; so the program is ideally suited to the international student or the student who is a gifted all-rounder who does not wish to specialize at this point of their academic career.


  • The University Foundation Course (UFC) in Business Management that Buckswood School offers, is recognized by London University Royal Holloway and accepted by around 20 UK universities.

Students have the opportunity to experience business in action through their involvement in business enterprises and workshops, through visits to businesses and through the use of real life case studies. Mirroring a degree course, the UFC is a blend of seminars, lectures and self-study assignments that require good writing, analytical, evaluative skills and is a coursework based qualification.


  • University Foundation Course in Hospitality and Tourism: The skills that you develop on this course will give you the methodology for degree-level study at a UK University. This foundation year is ideally suited to students who are interested in studying Hospitality.
  • UFC Football Studies: The skills that you develop on this course will prepare you for degree-level study at a university. This foundation year (A2 level) is ideally suited
    to students who are interested in studying a specialized football degree.
    Graduates of this program can progress directly into year one of a relevant degree.

Admission requirements

  • Complete the application form 
  • Complete placement test
  • Send supporting documents to your admissions representative (Passport copy, Academic reports, birth certificate copy, previous school references)

Student Fees 2022-23

Boarding fees: from GBP 10 100 per term


Buckswood’s current home is Broomham Hall, a 16th century manor house, three miles east of Hastings, East Sussex. It ‘stands in forty-three acres of land in a very sunny position’ but this time sixty miles (or an hour and a half by train) from London.

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