Warsaw University of Life Sciences

Campus:  Warsaw

Language: English

Subjects: Veterinary Medicine

Degree: Master

Type of program: Full time

WULS was established in 1816 and therefore has a long history of academic success. It consists of thirteen faculties focused on agricultural and life sciences. It hosts over 25,000 students, out of which 1,400 are students of veterinary medicine. The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is the leading veterinary faculty in Poland boasting modern, well equipped animal clinics. The Veterinary Medicine Program is accredited by the European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education (EAEVE) giving assurance to the veterinary students to know their education reaches agreed and acceptable standards.

 There are approximately 150 members of highly trained academic and teaching staff. The quality of teaching on offer is further enhanced by the wider prior experience most academic staff have gained in leading veterinary, animal science or biotechnology universities / research institutions worldwide.


  • Modern and spacious campus
  • 47 buildings,300 lecture rooms
  • Sport center with fully equipped gym
  • Swimming pool
  • Tennis cours
  • Winter ice-rink
  • Café, canteen
  • Small shops
  • Medical center
  • Bank
  • Pharmacy



The Faculty´s Dormitory

First year students are all automatically offered accommodation at the Faculty´s dormitory based on the request.

The Dormitory is located on the university´s campus, approx. 10 min walking distance from the Faculty.

Accommodation is split into units, with 4 rooms in each unit: two double rooms and two triple rooms. The rooms are not mixed but the units often are. The unit shares a bathroom with a shower. The cost per person is approximately €110 per month for a double room and €84 per month for a triple room (this price includes costs of water, heating, electricity and an internet connection). There is a shared kitchen on each floor. It is possible to share a room with a specific person if requested.

If you prefer to rent an apartment the cost will be around €300-€700 per month. You can search for an apartment on your own or choose to use the services of a real estate agent for a fee


The Veterinary Surgeon Degree Program at WULS-SGGW offers 131 modules over a period of 5.5 years. A total of 360 ECTS must be attained by successfully passing examinations to receive the Veterinary Surgeon Diploma. A total of 299 ECTs must be gained from mandatory modules and 61 ECTs from elective modules. The program is rigorous, with almost 6,200 hours of lectures (400-700 hours per semester).

Length of study:

11 semesters (5.5 years)

Number of ECTS credits to be obtained:

360 ECTS

International Position:

Approved by EAEVE

Diploma awarded:

Diploma of Veterinary Surgeon



To successfully enroll in the program, you must have a high school leaving certificate and you must pass the multiple choice entrance exam in Biology and Chemistry

Tuition fees

Tuition for 1 academic year: EUR 8.400


Warsaw is not your average city. With its 1.7 million inhabitants the capital city of Poland is exceptionally safe, clean and friendly. Warsaw has, apart from the standard historical attractions, 63 museums, 79 parks, 28 cinemas, and 56 theatres and musical venues within the city. The most notable symbol of Warsaw is the mermaid reminding people to look for new possibilities (it has been invaded 43 times through the history). Warsaw is one of the most important education centers of Poland. It is home to four major universities with over half a million of students living in the city forming 29% of its population. The town has extensive public transport connections and an international airport with frequent flights available to European and worldwide destinations. There is a direct bus connection between the Frederic Chopin International Airport and the University Campus. The ride takes approximately 25 minutes

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